Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Marc Anthony & J-Lo on Curacao!

Goodmorning all!
Last weekend Muys & Josie went to Curacao for the amazing live concert of Marc Anthony. There were 8000 people (on Bonaire are 13.000 people living....) and everybody was dancing, shaking and singing whole night long. And before the concert Muys & Josie had dinner in the Marriott and there she was....J-Lo herself. Muys stood on tables, pushing people away to see the most beautiful lady in the world and he made this wonderful and clear picture. She's waving to the camera but if you look very good...it can also be another hand thing....! Hihihi! After all they had a great weekend on Curacao but to be back on Beautiful Bonaire is always the best thing of getting away from the island!

Talk to you soon!!

The SunRentals Team!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hi Bonaire lovers,

Because I was looking for new divers in Brazil, it took a long time before I was back on this bonbonblog....You know that Brazil has almost $200 million habitants and 2% of them are divers. So a really big market. We had a lot of success, the Rio Boatshow was happy with us. Can you image, such a small island being on such a large event.....
But it was great, I was jogging on the Copacabana , you would almost see...... what more do you need!! But I know, dolphins on Bonaire!!!!!!!! The morning I came back, there they were... right in front of my house, puntvierkant, about 20 or 30, I always become very happy from those animals. I really love them. Almost crying.
Just to make sure you will see them aswell, they are there,almost every day, between 8 to 10 o'clock thet swimm to pick beach. The Antileans say... this is the dolphins house, there house live on Pink Beach. And why not, it's possible.
Sometimes they like to swim with you, but many times they just don't pay any attention to you. They just swim and jump.

So why don't you come to Bonaire Oceanfront Apartments and get $100 back! A great action for dive lovers, because during the divefestival from Juni 17 to 24., you can spent all that money. Please join us in this perfect fest where everybody is joining each other!

Josie the dolphin lover.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Back home!

Hello everybody!!

It's good to back home!!

Last Thursday we went back from our holiday to Holland. It was really nice to meet all our family and our friends and we did spent a wonderful time with them!! I did saw my little nice and nephen, who were born while we'd living overhere. Finally the weather in Holland was fine and we did enjoy the wonderful springtime in Holland! At 2.30 pm we did land back on Bonaire, I've unpacked my luggage and a couple of hours later I was on my bike, some cycling over the island. Along the mangroves with his beautiful flamingo's. The lora's who did fly around and of course the beautiful blue water, which was inviting me to have a swim or dive!! And I realised, what a lucky person I am, to have all this beautifull daily around me!! I hope that a lot of people are able to enjoy also this beautifull island!

Jose Megens

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Beautiful Bonaire!

hello all,

we are busy so just a few words. The sun is shining, it's beautiful weather, the ocean is more blue than yesterday. Josie left for Brazil, Jose went to Holland, Fabienne is leaving this Friday morning to Holland and Muys....Muys will be home alone and he sais he doesn't like it but we are sure that the days alone are the best days. Together with Bert they will have a boys business, so please don't call before 10 am and after 3 pm...hihihihi!

If you have a nice story to tell about beautiful Bonaire, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

sunny regards,

SunRentals team!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

New Bonaire Ambassador

Hello Everybody,

we have a new ambassador and the brand new ambassador stayed in one of our villas and he had a great, great vacation. Look at the nice picture and isn't great that Bonaire celebrates such a wonderfull aniversary? Congratulations to all new ambassadors.

We keep it short, Jose went to Holland yesterday, Josie is preparing for Brasil and she will fly tomorrow and Muys and I are staying home alone. If you would like to pass by for a cup of coffee next week.....?! See you guys later!

SunRentals team

Monday, May 01, 2006

Dia di Rincon

Hello everybody!

Bon siman!

Yesterday we had such a nice day! We all celebrated Dia di Rincon. We went early to see the parade. Sooo great to see the colourful dressed people, the little kids, the dancing, the market...Dia di Rincon is great and if you were not there yesterday you missed a beautiful day and you should be there next year! Always nice to eat, drink and meet different people from all over the world during the whole day.

Today it's labor day and a free day off as well for everybody. So we'll stop working early and enjoy the day off. Josie and Muys are sailing, Fabienne will go diving and Jose is going to Klein Bonaire to look for turtle nests!! I think we'll have a nice afternoon....!

See you all later and enjoy the day off!

big kisses,

SunRentals Team!