Saturday, March 31, 2007

Joan and Josie


Alcides and his lovely Brazilian wife!

Just to let you know , we have a lot of Brazilians coming to Bonaire.
They love to dive and as much as possible.
They prefer 6 times a day!
Alcides is the owner of the magazine Melguho, which means diver!!!
He wrote a book about the Bahamas and now he was here to make one about Bonaire!! Great.
Thanks my friend.
SunSational Team Bonaire

Friday, March 23, 2007

lazy sunday!!!


Please have a look at our Sunday family.
We work so hard and after hard working it's great to sleep a little nap.
And please don't tell anyone you have seen our bedroom!!!
With sunny regards,
Josie , Muys and Dennis.
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Our most favorite couple of February!!!!!

Roy and his love, always staying @ number 12. So nice and so friendly. Thank you for your presents.
We love you!
SunRentals Team Bonaire!

our grandson 6 month old!!!!