Wednesday, May 06, 2009

introducing myself

Hi there,
I think it's time to introduce myself!
My name is Joy. I live here since November 2008 but I came often on Bonaire because my parent live here.
I'm in love with this paradise!!!
And working since Januar at the Sunrentals office.
The most important job is to answer your emails/questions a soon as possible.
And to help and advise you to find a perfect place to stay.
So you can have a great vacation on this lovely paradise in a perfect and nice apartment or villa.
We have really some lovely and amazing villas to stay! I like them!
When I have a hour or day off I go directly to the water because I LOVE kiteboarding!!!
It is so great to do!!!
Also I like windsurfing, wakeboarding and scubadiving as well.
And of course relaxing and hang out with my friends!
Hmmm I think I really need more time off hahaha!
A big hobby of mine is photographing.
So I hope you will enjoy my pictures wich I will place on this website regular.
Maybe you get crazy and want to come to Bonaire directly!!!
Please email me!
For now I want to give you a lot of sunny greetings and I hope we will email/meet/fax/talk or send some smoke signals! haha!
Greetz, Joy

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Sunrentals is very glad to announce we have 2 spacious Piet Boon oceanfront design villa's in our rental pool as of the 9th of August 2009.

underwater pics!

Great scubadiving on Bonaire!!!!!!

dolphins !!!!

You can see the dolphins almost every day now!!!

They swim often between Bonaire and Klein Bonaire and swim in the direction Punt vierkant.

Last sunday I saw them near Pink beach I parked my car, jumped into the water and swam , swam.... I came very close!!!

Wow it was so great!!!!

But careful don't come to close!