Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Back home again!

Hi all, friends and famous!

Joy is back home again!
I travelled for 7 months in South America and it was a amazing experience I can tell you!
I've seen and learn so much.
Now I can speak some Spanish and understand all my Spanish fans! hahaha!
The people in all countries are so beautiful and friendly.
Bolivia is one of my favorits because of culture, people, traditional clothes and a very very beautiful landscape!!!
From the snow on 5130 meter altitude to the jungle down, the salt lakes to the pretty towns, the witches market to the modern shops in La Paz.

But of course I also enJOYed the Galapagos island (expensive, but a big wih),the famous inca ruins of Machu Picchu, sandboarding in the desert, the glaciars in Patagonia, my pinguin-friends on the most southern point on earth, Buenos aires a great city, Uruguay and Paraguay 2 special countries, the big waterfalls of Iguazu and Brasil is such a great country.
I just visit Brasil for 3 about weeks to short so I have to go back! hahaha!

On the picture you see me paragliding above Rio de Janeiro, WOW what a great experience!!!!!
And great sushi in Rio! And lovely people and language, I have to practice!

Now back to reality! Work again and make some money to go back to lovely Brasil HAHAHA!
And you like to come to Bonaire?! Please give me a email!

Lot's of greetings from Bonaire, JOY


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