Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dianna & Lochlann got married on paradise!

This lovely couple in the Bonaire Oceanfront apartments and got married on Klein Bonaire, of course a beautiful place for a special ceremonie.
Lot's of family members came over to enjoy the special day.
We from the office enjoyed the cake! and seeing them driving by on a big motorcycle!

Hopi suerte!
Thanks Dianne and Lochlann for sharing.


Blogger Carla said...

It must be magical to have such a nice wedding in such a perfect place. Besides, the got the apartment in front of the beach to make it even better. It must be the wedding of her dreams. I also dream to marry in an exotic place. Me and my husband have been discussing the possibility of doing it in Argentina. We would rent apartments in buenos airesĀ  for all the close family members so that they can stay in the previous and afterwards days of the weddings. We chose BA because it is a very romantic city, like Paris, and very elegant, perfect for a celebration of love!

4:39 PM


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