Saturday, June 20, 2009


The wind was sooo good last weeks, we did a downwinder!!!
That means we go kiting with offshore wind from Atlantis (kitebeach) to Klein Bonaire!!!
It is a ride about 2 hours, it was great to do and I managed to come there!
Don't ask me about the the next day because I didn't knew I had so many muscles! hahaha Really muscle pain for a week!
And a few days later the picture of the group was in the newspaper. That was nice!

Greetz Joy

Saturday, June 06, 2009

A lovely horse and donkey @ animal farm!

Look what a lovely donkey and a beautiful horse!!!
These are new friends on the animal farm.

I'll bet the kids will love them!
And then you have to see the faces of those kids! soooo happy!
They can cuddle and stroke the animals and learn how nice and important animals are.
Learning to take care of animals, respect them and to love them!
Yes you understand I'm also a big animal friend, like Josie, we can't live without these
woolly animals, hahaha!