Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yes, what's NEW lately at Sunrentals Bonaire??

Well, we changed most apartments of the Bonaire Oceanfront Apartments. Meaning NEW comfortable beds (!), NEW curtains, NEW ceiling fans, NEW shower curtains, some NEW lamps, NEW decoration.....and where necessary fresh paint!!

Then there is me, NEW girl in the office.
After some time of "vacation" lazy time was over. I came to Bonaire about 2 years ago, before that I lived 7 years in la Douce France. I had a good time overthere, running my own hotel in the mountains. But we (my husband and I) knew for sure that it wasn't the place to grow old. When we sold the hotel we decided to give it a try in Bonaire, where the sun always shines , very important for the Dutch ;-)
And guess what: we like it a lot over here!!
Because the hotel was very hard working I didn't feel like doing any work for a while. But never working is also boring. And just lucky me, by the time I was ready to go back to work again, there came Sunrentals! Thanks José, Muys and Dennis!

I am here, in the office, waiting for your call or mail. Willing to find you a nice (NEW decorated) apartment or house, answering your questions, helping you out with whatever you want to know or need. Or just step inside and have a chat!

Are you already curious about the apartments and me? Have to wait till the camera is ready to picture it all. Promise, that will be shortly!!

Liselotte (Lisa will do too!!)